Sandy F.

At first, I was scared to come to a nursing home because of the illusions I had about any nursing homes; things I had read and pictures I had seen in the past. Now, while I am excited to go home it almost makes me want to cry. When I first came in I was in very foul shape. I could not move, stand or do much of anything for myself. The ladies here at MediLodge of Cheboygan helped me with everything I needed; water, moving, anything. If I rang they came straight away. Even when I didn’t ring they would poke their heads in and check on me to see if I needed anything or to see how my day was. Then the therapy ladies helped so much with my strengthening. I am moving and walking so well now. They were all so nice and kind to me. Now, I am ready to go home and run races! I would recommend this facility to anyone needing this type of care.  They are wonderful!

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